Did you ever torture your husband by playing with him anally while caged ? Maybe play nurse and give him an enema or take his rectal temperature ? Use a butt plug on him ?

Well,I wouldn’t class it ‘torture’, he loves it! If done right anal can feel amazing, on guys and girls, but mostly you guys are luckiest because you have the prostate (I guess we do have the g-spot to compensate…).

We regularly use butt plugs, I treat them as a way to get him hornier faster if he’s cum or ruined, mostly. And as discussed in the blog, we do do pegging sometimes too.

I haven’t specifically done anal stuff with a medical roleplay but that could be fun! Mostly we’ve done it with things like how many times can he be edges or ruined or how much cum can I get out of him – pretending it’s ‘for medical research’.

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