I would like to know more about you guys. Are you a marrige how did you meet and how did you start to play with chastity? How long do you practise male chastity etc, more details ;d


We have been together a long time….I seduced him whil he was still a young man. Im nine years his senior. We stumbled into chastity, I was at a sex toys party…you know the type drinks galore and lots of laughing and blushing. I saw a cb2000 and was blown away! To think I could lock up his dick and just tease him. We had a night of passion where I tied him up and managed to finally assemble it around him. I actually dropped the keys off at my sisters stuck in card in an envelope. Hed have only tickled them out of me.
I have rarely been as satisfied as the next morning….I was licked, sucked and toyed to senselessness.
Poor babe, his cock is only small but it actually smashed the bars the next night in his sleep.
Weve tried countless since and have a big collection. But I only use steel on him now.
And after an argument that resulted in him cutting off the lock I usually use his new one with a barrell lock. (But not all the time, its easy enough to cuff him on the promise of relief and change over).
A word of caution….we dont use urethral ones anymore as one ripped his urethra. He had to have an operation that didnt turn out well and was catheterised for a MONTH!
I still have to let him out for the nurses appointment and he needs another op. Perhaps I should forget and take him hed be mortified.
I still leave the keys at my sisters with the express order never to hand the envelope to him. My best friend knows about it and she has deliberatly rubbed against him at times and told me she could feel it. Shes single and begs me to engineer a scene where she can see it….maybe one day. She has borrowed one to see if she can use it.
Blesd him, although he can grow to a decent girth hes small so he used to pull/“fall” out of some but his new one has a tight ring behind the glans and a cage infront. He cant pullout ive tried to do it to him….it isnt coming off.
Its tiny, perhaps a 2 inch from ring to tip and it stops any erection bar the root.
I enjoy having control over his little cock, its so cute and I love it and him dearly. It also ensures he isnt going to stray…not while I have a barrell lock on him without some extreme work. And he certainly wont get upto any spur of the moment stuff. Im kinda harsh, I expect drinks, feet rubs etc to earn relief.
I always cuff him if it comes off but he can shower perfectly well with it on. And to see the nurse, well its trust until I get it back on as soon as possible.
And yes, he leaks like a tap the whole time and says its a giant mind fuck for him and gives him tunnel vision for relief.


Amazing, real life reply, so great (apart from the tube warning, ouch!).

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