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He just couldn’t stop looking at the cute girls at the pool, so I made him show them just why it was okay to flirt and tease him as much as they wanted.

I like that photo!

1. That’s a hardcore chastity belt (not pretty though
2. PENIS PANTS – I’ve never seen those before.
Nice combo!

I would like to know more about you guys. Are you a marrige how did you meet and how did you start to play with chastity? How long do you practise male chastity etc, more details ;d

she-caged-it: We have been together a long time….I seduced him whil he was still a young man. Im nine years his senior. We stumbled into chastity, I was at a sex toys party…you know the type drinks galore and lots of laughing and blushing. I saw a cb2000 and was blown away! To think I…