I understand that the penis size teasing is hot, and i love the idea too, but i was curious: do you genuinely wish your husband was more “well endowed”? Love you blog! Keep up the good work!!

Hah, you lot are fascinated with this topic this weekend… in a word, yes

When I was young I used to fantasise about what I’d do with three wishes, and if I had them now, they’d be lots of money, me having the perfect figure, and now, that hubby’s cock was the perfect figure too, which I’d put at about 8-9 inches.

Is it important, no, of course not, I’m not some shallow bimbo who would prioritise that in a partner! The fact he’s loving, creative, smart, funny, a wonderful lover, husband and dad are each and all way more important.

But does it matter? Yes! Here’s the truth folks, penis size matters. I believed the lie it didn’t which is only spread around to make guys feel better (which is legitimate, but it’s still a lie). But my experience is the last year is that it really does matter.

I love hubby’s cock, really, it’s a very nice one. But it’s very average in length. I had never orgasmed from penetration alone in our whole marriage. I’ve cum from sex when he’s edged me right to the brink of orgasm then fucked me, but that was mainly him hitting my clit.

I thought it was me, I figured, like some 70% of women, I just don’t cum from being fucked, and never really worried about it. 

Then we got into chastity, and as part of that, we bought a strap on. And he wore it while caged, and that was very hot, and I used it on him, and that was very hot too. But the dildo that came with it, while fabulous, especially on him, was an inch longer, but slimmer than he was. It didn’t make me orgasm.

Then for Mothering Sunday (I know right…) we got the King Cock Extra Girthy 8.5 Inch dildo. That fits in the strap on we had already. And my lovely hubby fucked me with it. 

And I came, I came so hard, and it was amazing. And pretty much every time he uses it, as a dildo or strap on, I can cum from being fucked now.

Let me emphasise, he loved this too. Absolutely adored watching me cum just from fucking.

Besides giving birth it’s biggest thing I’ve had in there (did you know lots of women orgasm giving birth, they don’t tell you that on the pre-natal training! It’s in the Daily Mail so it must be true)

There is absolutely no element of ‘hot wifing’ or ‘cuckolding’ for us. Both ideas are a big turn off, fantasy or otherwise. It’s simply the fact that penetration with a bigger object makes me cum. 

I’ve only ever had sex with him, which I regard as a very good thing. But I have to say, if I’d had sex with other guys with much bigger cocks I can imagine this would be a much more serious problem, and that it truly is for some women.

‘Purely research’


And so with chastity we have the perfect solution. He loves being horny and frustrated, he derives greater pleasure from making me cum. He also gets off on penis size teasing. So a big strap on to fuck me with, and watch me cum from it, is one of the hottest, most intimate things we’ve discovered.

There’s also a whole load of positions we can do that we never really enjoyed as much before. Doggy style especially has taken on a whole new dimension with the ‘upgrade’! Before he had to reach around and rub my clit or I did it too, Now I can just adopt the position, and he fucks me deep and hard (and fingers my bum too, I love that) and I cum from it! it’s so animalistic! Before it was much more that he liked me like that, now I adore it too. Being like that, ass up into the air, doing nothing but receiving, and being fucked hard to orgasm as you moan into the pillow is just, ummmpf, dammit, now I have to change my panties. Where’s hubby when you need him?

So yes, I do wish he was bigger, but it’s only a wish. Size matters, but it’s not important, but it’s a LOT of fun!

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