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It’s a veritable cock factory!

Amazing video showing how my favourite brand of dildo is made. Seriously, these things are incredible. So realistic and, umm, so big…

This is the one we use.

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I understand that the penis size teasing is hot, and i love the idea too, but i was curious: do you genuinely wish your husband was more “well endowed”? Love you blog! Keep up the good work!!

Hah, you lot are fascinated with this topic this weekend… in a word, yes.  When I was young I used to fantasise about what I’d do with three wishes, and if I had them now, they’d be lots of money, me having the perfect figure, and now, that hubby’s cock was the perfect figure too,…


Longer…Thicker…and infinite stamina!

I don’t know about infinite, but definitely longer and thicker and longer lasting!

Just don’t expect instant results if you’re on the receiving end. First time we used our King Cock Girthy (well named!) I could only just take it and while it felt okay and the size of it was exciting and a turn on, it wasn’t until maybe the third time hubby really went to town with it that I was relaxed enough to truly enjoy it, and came, just from being fucked, for the first time in my life.

I know stats say that only like 30% of women can cum from penetration alone, I’m going to throw a guess out there that they haven’t been fucked with a big cock. I’d never cum from just penetration till we used a big dildo, now I cum pretty much every time. 

It’s mindblowing! Just to lie there, and be fucked so hard and so deep and give yourself to it and feel the orgasm coming from just being used like that, it’s incredible.

What’s more hubby is SO aroused by doing it to me. His passion and frustration combining so he fucks me (yeah this is fucking, not making love! lol) and it’s all focused on my pleasure. So hot!

This is the strap on we use with the above dildo (it comes with one that is perfect for use on him, if you fancy that, or as a starter with you, but trust me, bigger is better!’

If you haven’t read it then find out why I love our strap on