I Edge My Husband…



I edge my husband because:

-It’s what his body wants, whether his mind knows it or not
-It’s more pleasurable for him to be edged and denied than for him to cum – simple biology
-I can do this every day, and he’ll stay aroused and excited every time
-He makes the sexiest noises when I edge him
-I love watching his mind go numb with pleasure
-He gets so stiff and hard for me, I can’t resist touching it, and I want him to stay that way as long as possible
-He stays in a hypersexual state, always eager to pleasure me any way I want
-It arouses me to see him lost in bliss
-Edging him is so easy, and it gets easier every day I do it
-I want him to be happy, and he’s obviously happy when he’s on the edge
-I love that he trusts me with his most intimate, natural reflex, so I trigger it as often as possible (or almost-trigger it!)
-He fucks me so hard after I edge him for a few days – he’s like an animal, I fucking love it!
-He thinks of me all day and texts me the sweetest things
-He works hard, doesn’t get enough respect, and deserves to “zone out” for a -while in my hands or mouth
-It makes him dream about me, so I’m part of literally every moment of his life

And more, and more…

Thanks to HealthySexyMarriage

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