So is your man pretty much locked up 24×7 these days? And how often do you let him have a full orgasm? Just curious about your set-up these days! Great blog, the best on the net…

Hi, no, well, he’s been in it a lot the last two weeks, but had most of the weekend off. But he’s in the cage just because, well we both fancied it. We did a pretty intense lock up in Jan, but then had about a month where we didn’t use it much at all, and we’re back using it now.

I was thinking about this over the weekend, because we got a new metal cage, which is great, but even less secure than the CB-6000 we mostly use. But, that just doesn’t really matter at all. I trust him not to get out of it, and he doesn’t really want to when he’s in it, because it’s symbolic above everything. Just a constant reminder to him that I’m teasing and denying him, and also he says it feels hot to be in it for me.

He’s a strong, self-controlled man. Wearing a cock cage isn’t really that much about dissuading him from masturbating (although it occasionally serves that purpose he tells me, as when he’s hard he can’t take it off). But we keep it well lubed and so basically all day long it’s gently rubbing on him, and after a day or two of denial and caging he’s leaking pre-cum most of the day, it’s so hot. He LOVES causing me to make a mess in my panties, and now I get to enjoy him doing the same in his underwear, and TOTALLY understand the appeal.

For years he’s had me secretly wear ben-wa balls when we go out (or stay at home) and while he wears the cage much longer, that shared secret that he’s caged is such a turn on.

Personally I just love how he looks in it, but even more I adore how he reacts when I unlock it, watching him get so hard as I slip it off, sometimes before I can even get the ring off. It’s like caging a tiger so only I get to decide when it comes out to play.

However, we’re both happy to not have him in it, and getting better at exploring denial without a cage too – I’ve been absolutely inspired by this week, you may have seen I’ve reposted some of their stuff. So great, and they don’t use a cage at all.

In terms of how often he cums, I like to keep it a bit random so he doesn’t know but he’s edged pretty much daily and I am letting him cum about once a week (at the moment the coin toss game means he can absolutely earn one orgasm each date night). However… as I was discussing with a friend recently, once a week is a good starting point, but sometimes stretching it to two could be fun. Even with ruined orgasms though, that’s about as long as I tend to want to go unless it’s some kind of challenge we’ve both decided on, as I just miss making him cum too much after that.

So yes, thanks for the question. I hope that helps!

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