His wife had bought him a series of special personal trainer sessions – he couldn’t believe it when he first met her, but when he saw a very familiar key in her hand he began to understand just how screwed he was.

Edging for Weight loss!

I couldn’t resist trying a capiton on this but actually the whole area of exercise with denial is really interesting. We’ve thought about trying it and something like this is what I had in mind, although a ruin for each jog is totally the wrong way to go about it. You’re losing all the motivation with each ruin!

How I’d do it

No, the way I think I’d try it is he ONLY gets out of his cage for an edge, by me or him if he’s done his running or weight training each day. If he’s done six days of cardio and or strength exercise that week then on his rest day, say Sunday, he gets a long, sexy, edging with a ruin (but don’t waste the protein :P). You can use something like Google Fit to track it all so that’s easy!

But cumming? That only happens for weight loss goals. That’ll make him not just exercise but eat sensibly too. Set some sensible targets, I think 1lg/2lb a week is the usual advice as a healthy amount? So set an initial target that’s a bit ambitious, 3kg perhaps, as you want them most motivated to start. Give him a weekly weigh in on the Sunday to monitor – if you can manage it them NOT seeing if they’ve hit their target could be fun so they don’t know until you take them over.

Then set the next target as a couple of kilos lower, and they are ruined until they reach that – I’d say a couple of weeks between goals as the average is about right.

Maybe set in some goal weights too – where you celebrate with something special – that’ll depend on what you’re both into or wanting, but him cumming in you, or anal or pegging would be good ones for some.

Ultimate goal

And then have an ultimate goal weight – worked out using health body mass index figures and some reality too, and of course some suitable celebration for achieving that – and a bit of an end to this process, for now. Time to explore just what your fitter, slimmer lover is capable of. Hopefully all the above has become a habit – but keep a regular eye on it, as it’s all too easy to slip back up again. So the weigh ins should still be regular and shared, and his orgasms lost if he starts to falter. It’s for his own good, isn’t it!

Anyone actually tried something like this? I’d love to hear if it was at all successful.

Jane xxx

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