Hi, my boyfriend has hinted that he’d like to be teased about his cock size – any tips?

Oh it’s been a quiet week for questions, thanks for this, nice one!

Okay so tip one, MAKE SURE HE’S INTO IT! lol Yeah… be sure before you start teasing a guy about the size of his manhood. Maybe point out a gentle cock size tease caption or something and ask, ‘do you think that’s kinda hot?’

Okay, but assuming you know he likes it then I think subtle teasing is hotter than all out humiliation.

I tend to do most of it while playing with him with my hands. So maybe I’ll ask him, ‘How big do you wish your cock was baby?’ and whatever he says, I’ll say how great that would be, and even a bit bigger. Then I’ll comment on the fact imagining that makes him hard (it ALWAYS does), ‘Oh honey, does it turn you on to tease you about your little cock?

Other things I’ll say include pointing out I can’t use two hands to play like you can with a big cock, or that my fingers reach around his shaft, or just whisper conspiratorially in his ear, ‘You know honey, sometimes I really do wish you were bigger.’

Then of course if you have a cage (and if you don’t why not?!) saying things like, ‘If you were much bigger I’d never want to cage you up’ is hot. Or even better, link it to not letting him cum – ‘Oh honey if this was bigger I’d let you cum all the time’.

Deliberately starting a blow job with something like ‘I love feeling your little cock grow in my mouth’ is great too (and true!!!).

Sometimes I’ll post images to our shared blog of beautiful big cocks with stuff like, ‘I never knew they got this big till you showed me’, ‘I can only imagine how it would feel to fuck or suck this’.

Or more intense is to search tumblr together as we play and I’ll compare him to what we find as he edges and makes me cum. A really good trick is if he wants me to get particularly mean, to not let me cum. I’ll really let loose with things like, ‘Oh god I want to be fucked like that!’ (done with a very dirty smirk) etc.

http://laughatsmallpenises.tumblr.com/ is quite a fun source of amusing captions that still often have a positive twist…


If you really want to go for it then check out the post I made about porn recently, there’s some big cock videos there (better than most but still, it’s lots of big cocks, hardly artistic but can be hot). 


But either watch that together and compare him, and say things like I’ve listed above, or start with that and then get him to go down on you with something like ‘Good thing you’re so good at oral.

Of course the ultimate tease is to make him use a big strap on to fuck me. (If we’re having sex normally I won’t tease, but when it’s with a strap on I will sometimes for obvious reasons).We do this maybe once a week. I love it, I pretty much always cum from it, and he absolutely loves that, despite it obviously being frustrating.

I used to struggle with it more, but as he’s repeatedly told me, it’s just another way of using a toy. Yes he could do it with his hand or I could, but it’s SO much hotter him wearing it, and he can do it way harder, but most of all, it can be incredibly intimate, both of our whole bodies involved.

Read more about why I love strap ons – for both of us!

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