Hi, love your blog! Dont know if you addressed this before, but I have a couple questions. First, how did you two started chastity play, was he the one who brought up and it grew on you, or it was you who wanted to try and it grew on him? How fast did you escalate? Second, how much of your time you guys spend on Ds/TD play versus vanilla sex? Do you have any procedure to switch between the two? Thanks again!

Hi, thank you! Been busy recently so haven’t had much time to devote to it but hoping to do some more soon.

So yes, he brought it up but for us it was very mutual. We’d been shopping for some toys from Lovehoney and he showed me the cock cage page and said, ‘I kind of fancy trying that, could be fun’ and I was all ‘Okay!’. I really just thought it was funny, we get toys we don’t use much sometimes just for a laugh. 

What I didn’t expect was how hot we both found it, pretty much straight away. Hubby had a bit of a play with it (it was the CB-6000S) to get the sizes right and then we just put it on one night and we both loved it. I honestly loved how it looked, his cock all bound up in it trying to get hard, and it turned him on so much to be in it (he’s mostly the top in any kinky stuff we do so it was a fun change).

We went from trying it for just playing to working him up to wearing it a whole day then a day and a night (dealing with painful nighttime erections was the hardest thing) within maybe a week or two, I can’t really remember. But instantly we both realised it was more than just a funny toy to try out, and so it has been! That’s about two years ago now, incredibly!

We still vary it quite a lot, we’ll tend to go through a month or two with lots of chastity play (maybe a game or challenge like locktober, or things like him being caged all weekdays and out weekends, we are still experimenting).

But then life interupts and we may not do it for a week or two or longer (we hardly did any the last month or so).

I guess that answers the time on different types of sex/play – it varies a lot, and that’s cool. I do find myself missing him being caged though, I’ve got very used to a lot more oral sex, orgasms (it used to mostly be me being denied), and our glorious big strap on dildo.

No procedure to switch, just depends on how we are feeling and talking…

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