Hi Jane I thought you might be interested. My husband was unfaithful to me a couple of years ago which all came out and was very painful but we got through it. However I’d seen a show called Californication where the wife put her husband in a cock cage which led me to research them, and find your blog. Long story short he agreed to be caged to give me reassurance it couldn’t happen again, but the main impact was it totally revitalised our sex life. He’d never gone down on me before, but does all

… the time now. We talk about sex very openly now, his libido is focused on me and it’s wonderful. As much as I wish it hadn’t happened in some ways I’m glad because things are so much better now. For our 20th wedding anniversay this year, he got his cock pierced (my idea) and the extra reassurance that there’s literally no way to remove it is both a comfort to me and a turn on for us both.

I’ve gone from a sexless marriage and infidelity (and yes the two were clearly related I know that) to a very intimate and renewed relationship thanks to the wonders of male chastity and inspiration from your blog. So I just wanted to say a big thank you and also encourage any women unsure about this, who hopefully haven’t had the trauma I did, to make the most of caging and enjoy all the wonderful upsides! Anna.

Wow Anna, thank you so much for that, it’s a huge encouragement!!! I’m sorry you had to go through that but so glad it’s worked for good for you both.

I’ve had exactly the same thought, that if hubby were unfaithful I’d insist that piercing and caging was the outcome. Initially to punish him, but then to get that reassurance (I mean, that’s what they were created for for women originally isn’t it!). I even think if he worked away a lot I’d suggest it. He’s done a few work trips where I’ve sent him caged and it was such a turn on just knowing he couldn’t even have a wank – although without piercing I know they’re all theoretically escapable. I have a fantasy about taking him to some really pretty female piercing… technician is it? And explaining why he’s getting a ‘prince albert’ as they call them.

Anyway, sorry, getting off track! Thanks so much for your message. I’m sure it’ll be a real encouragement to many to give this a go.

Jane xxx

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