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Hi I’m just wondering why I never see or hear about piercing just above the base of the penis? There are less nerves there and it’s easy to keep clean. Once healed the top of a cage could be locked to the ring there. Just wondering if you guys ever heard of anyone doing this? Love your tumblr. Z

I haven’t, interesting idea though. Part of the point of a Prince Albert piercing (yes, he is supposed to have had one!!! No wonder Victoria missed him…) is that it also stimulates him all the time, so not only is he caged absolutely securely but it’s like the tip of my tongue is constantly lapping…


The new Lori 5B

I sometimes fantasise about getting hubby pierced – asking for it as my birthday present.
It’s funny because I don’t really worry about him pulling out, he never has as far as I’m aware, it’s just it’s such a hot thought, firstly of him doing it for me, and then, a cage that he truly can’t take off. There’s just something so sexy about that ultimate loss of control

Oh I’m sure he’d be tempted, he just couldn’t do anything about it!