Hi. I followed you here from the Chastity Mansion. I absolutely LOVE what you do, in particular the writing. The reblogs are great, especially with the comments you add to them, but your own thoughts are special. I just want to ask do you laugh a lot at your Husbands antics while you are teasing and so on? I am sure it isn’t good Chastity etiquette, but I have never known my Wife giggle as much as she does since we started this wonderful crazy lifestyle!

Thank you so much! I only went to that site to check out cock cage reviews but it seemed quite positive. Although yet again, so many too high expectations just waiting to be crushed. 

So, to your question… we laugh, a lot! Remember the angle we’re coming to this from is very much as equals, none of this female led relationship is a turn on to either of us. It just happens that locking my husband’s cock up in a cage is a huge turn on for us both and brings us closer together emotionally and sexually!

The things we laugh most at are post orgasm torture (he’s a mix of laughing and yelling, to be fair lol), but also we have a lot of fun with teasing (it often goes both ways) and tend to laugh a lot together. 

The things I laugh at, that he doesn’t, are the noises he makes when I stop and tell him to cage back up, but most of all, watching him ruin an orgasm, his cock twitching as the cum spurts or hopefuly just runs out of him and he gets no relief. So hot, and funny too. Those laughs are obviously meaner, but that’s a turn on for him (and pretty new for me to feel comfortable enough to really laugh and enjoy it, knowing he does too at heart).

Fab question, thanks!

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