I have another question! Following your suggestion I started a secret Tumblr for me and my Wife to share stuff we like. I don’t want her being terrified by the majority of what she sees so where would you suggest she starts? I like your idea of a safe tag but not everyone will do that and as good as your blog is I do want her to look for inspiration elsewhere. Do you have any favourite searches other than just chastity? Thanks.

Good job following that advice, it’s such a helpful thing in exploring this together.

My main advice would be for you to act as quite a strict curator for now and she leave the search function alone completely! It’s such a lottery! You will ALWAYS get things that she won’t like via search.

Your best bet is to start by just reposting things you’ve found that she’ll like (and for the love of God make some of them cute,romantic and sexy posts as well as chastity!!!)

Use some tags on them like #idea for things you can discuss without either of you going ‘ARE YOU KIDDING ME?’ lol Just help her to ask things like, ‘so why does that turn you on, and for her to share how she feels about it without any judgement.

Then, after you find things you both like, YOU check out the blogs they come from and see if there are up to maybe 10 that she can follow so she gets a flow of material on her dashboard, which she can then start to repost to your shared blog. Start with mine, obviously! lol And at some point I might make a safe only blog.

There will be yucky things that come up, captions that are a big turn off, etc. Don’t ignore them, try to laugh at them and also reassure her that’s not what you’re into. It’ll take her a month or two just to build in a mental filter that can cope with that and realise you don’t want it all.

When you DO see things you don’t like, learn to laugh about it together.

Good luck to you guys! Let me know if I can help.

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