Hey! Do you have any tips for cages for men with large-ish flacid penises? My hubby is a shower, not a grower. We already bought two cages that didn’t fit, which is a waste of money, and the only other option I could find is having one custom made. Seeing as we already spent quite some cash on this, we’re not jumping to have that done. We’re talking 4.5 cm inner cage size and 14 cm lenght here. Thnx a lot! – a mutual orgasm denying couple.

Lots of questions on this recently.

Firstly lucky you!

So, if you want a plastic one then the same company who make the CB-6000s I’ve just recommended also make ‘The Curve’ which is much bigger.

Don’t forget that a good silicone lube will help slide him in it comfortably. Also read up on the stocking trick for getting his cock all the way to the end – slip the leg of a stocking through the tip, put his cock in it and pull it out from the end – voila!! (https://videopress.com/v/xyqoMprX)

Again, with the money worry, buy from Lovehoney and you get discrete returns and refunds for a whole year. Do not be shy about swapping it for something else if you need to!

If you’re looking for a metal cage then personally I love how this one looks:

The Lovehoney Prisoner Cock Cage

When hubby first mentioned cock cages to me it was the one I pictured as it had been on the show Californication, which was the first time I ever heard of them.

If he’s lucky enough to fit this, then I think they look fab!

Don’t miss the special offer discounts I posted earlier:


Some of them expire tonight!

Jane xxx

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