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hello, nice blog! i’d like to ask about the cage length of the tight squeeze III that youre husband is wearing. I’m searching for my first chastity device and i’m 4 inch flaccid. would be great if you take a glimpse of time to answer :-)

Why are you asking me?! A few inches I guess, I haven’t measured it. Surely the website selling it gives you the length? Go to our reviews page and follow the links! https://keephimcaged.tumblr.com/cock-cage-reviews

What cock cage Do You sudgest, I’m small, and I want the smallest most restrictive…I’ve tried a couple. But still bigger than what I need

Well the CB-6000S is what we always say people should start with but if you’ve tried some already and know what ring sizes and gaps etc work for you then you may want to go straight to a metal cage – and the smallest ones we’ve seen are from Toys4NaughtyBoys – they have one they…

Thanks for the new cage review. Can i ask what the dimensions the urethra plug is and what size ring did you order and how did you measure for ring and did the size ring work out from your measurements. Love your blog. Keep up the great work.

Umm, looking at it I’d guess 7 or 8mm width on the metal part and the tube is about 6mm. It’s about 13cm long, we’d cut it down I guess before using it, that seems LOOOONG. I don’t want it to work as a catheter… The base ring size was 45mm and is a very…