Hello again sorry to be a bother. You and you hubby are just into the Chastity play, correct? Not the whole dominant / submissive thing? Please correct if I’m wrong. Thank you again.

Mostly, yes. I’m actually the natural submissive! We’ve enjoyed exploring all kinds of dynamic all the years we’ve been together, and hubby’s the naturally dominant one. But we’ve always been pretty switchy and never cared too much for fitting in particular BDSM ‘box’.

Me being submissive was a good way to start though as I had an awful lot to learn about being a good lover and it’s a great dynamic to be learning in. I still like to slip into that submissive role when all this gets a bit too much, it’s my safe place.

So yes, we enjoy chastity very much for all the intimacy and kinkiness it brings, whatever the roles you are taking, In fact it’s very hot takign control of his cock while the rest of him isn’t so under control.

In fact I think my first ever proper post on here was about Denying a Dominant Man and while I’ve got better at being meaner and more dominant in respect to chastity play, I haven’t really changed, I’ve just discovered new things I enjoy.

But it’s more about me than him. Him being submissive just isn’t hot to me. FORCING him to be submissive is sometimes fun though, but it’s pretty rare. Mostly it’s about me being more confident as he’s gently coerced me to take control, and I’ve discovered I love it. And as I’ve done more of it it’s slightly less exhuasting lol Seriously, being ‘the top’ is hard work. The reality is he’s still doing loads of ‘topping from the bottom’ in very subtle ways to help me with it all.

We really needed something new to spark our sex life back into action after getting through the hardest part of being new parents, and much to our surprise chastity has been the key!

While I know a lot of guys into chastity want to be a far more submissive male in the relationship I hope the positive thing that comes from this is actually we’re just pretty normal, if unusually open to kinky shit. But I’d have said the majority of wives/gfs tend to come from a naturally more submissive place like I do, and it still works AMAZINGLY. So while it may not be all you fantasise about, the reality is still fabulous, trust me.

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