Firstly thank you for your amazing blog! My problem is i love nothing more than going down on my wife. I would like to be able to give her multiple orgasms with my tongue but she says she is too sensitive after the first one. I like to edge her for abit to make it last longer. When you have multiple O are you having a series of ruined orgasms, so not becoming sensitive or not. Any advice to help me achieve multiple orgasms for the wife would be greatfully received. Keep up the great work!

I, and as far as I’m aware, most women need a little respite between orgasms just to lose the sensitivity, maybe a minute. Not too much more for me or I begin to come off the ‘orgasmic plateau’ as they call it.

If he’s gone down on me he’ll know when to pause, and he goes to kiss my pussy more gently, nuzzles a bit, looks up, and then goes again. Super hot.

Just start soft the second time, definitely don’t ruin them!

My other advice though, is have fun tying her up, arms and legs with a harness like this one. 

Under the mattress bondage restraints

And just go for it, Lick and finger and fuck her till she learns it’s okay and good to cum multiple times. That’s how I was taught 😉

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