Came across chastity and caging recently. It was like: Wow, so this is what I’ve been looking for all along. Shared this with the wife, and she likes the idea. Only concern that I have is potential health problems. Have you ever heard of guys developing erectile dysfunction or other problems from caging? Thank you.

Nope, the only effect seems to be if he’s in it a LONG time (a week or more) you temporarily shrink just a little bit but he’s back to full size within a day or two.

I actually, kind of love the fact it shrinks him a bit now, which is crazy as I love big cocks (again a fault of falling in love with this kink…).

Sometimes if I edge him really close, he doesn’t ruin but he kind of loses his libido, not sure what’s going on but it means he shrinks again. And I used to see that as a sign to stop playing but now, it turns me on. I add some more lube and keep fondling his shrinking cock knowing if I did it hard, he’d get hard, but deliberately being gentle to keep him soft, it drives him crazy.

Then I tease him about not getting it up, and that I’m going to cage him again, and then I get the big dildo and play with that, and maybe make him wear it to fuck me or just use it on me. So hot – weird I know, but still, hot!

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