Male Chastity The Truth Behind The Belt

It is advertised that one of the best ways to control a man and his deviant sexual behavior is to place him in a chastity belt?   Can this really be true…….

The idea of a man allowing a woman to place his penis in chastity seems unimaginable to most people, why would any man allow a woman to control his orgasm?

The idea that a woman is going to put her man in chastity because he cheats on her is not the reality of the belt!  One has been lead to believe this is so, but the truth is that it is often times the man that wants to have his penis locked in the tight device and be controlled by the woman.  

In fact most men that go into chastity are looking at it from an erotic stand point rather than keeping him from cheating. For a woman the enjoyment can come from the fact that yes, she is controlling his orgasm to a certain extent, she has power over him, he is hers…..

Male chastity is one topic that is not often talked about or exposed. The reason why, is that there is such a psychological component to it that many people don’t understand.  Sexuality is not just a physical release or a simple role in the hay, people who like to have their minds stimulated along with their body crave advanced sexual play.

Placing a man in chastity can give the woman control over his orgasm, but not only that it can be a way for the man to use his denial of  touching himself to energize him  throughout the day. He knows that he cannot touch his penis even if he wants to. He is left with pure sexual energy that he has to channel into his work, or other activities throughout the day or even the week. Some men have stayed in chastity for months, at a time waiting for their partner to let them free.

Denial of orgasm for a period of time is more psychological than physical. The device locked around their penis gives them the ability to concentrate better at work and become more successful at what they do.

Another fallacy is that a man is not having an orgasm or can’t have an orgasm while in chastity. The release can be mental stimulation as well as his penis swelling in the device causing him to have a  slow drip orgasm, which for some men is more erotic than a full release. (Sorry men had to let that little secret out of the bag!)

Again, I really don’t know why it needs a video of her sucking on his cage to headline it, but I there’s some interesting thoughts in here!

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