Loved your ‘mean’ story – did you peg him?! If so, any tips? I wanted to try it with my OH but am a bit nervous about it. We bought the strap on a couple of yeras ago but its never been used

Thank you! Yes it’s been a lot of fun, he’s loving it too. And yes, I totally pegged him the next day!

I’ve been looking at a really good blog that’s all about it:

It’s got some stuff that’s not for us, as with most, and lots of the pictures are quite graphic, but there are loads of really good things to inspire you to try it. And remembering that guys are blessed in this department, they have the prostate up there and it can regularly give them orgasms!

As with anal when he’s doing it to me, the trick is, go slow, use ridiculous amounts of lube, and find a position that works. Him lying on the bed with a pillow under his hips was good (hands tied just to really up the kink!). Or also him over the edge of the bed.

It was an extraordinary feeling to suddenly be the one doing the fucking, really, hard to describe but SO hot. And yes, I kept him him in the cage the whole time, and yes, he came from it. It was amazing.

Ironically I didn’t cum as he was so overwhelmed by it, and I so tired by doing the fucking, we both kind of collapsed, in a very happy pile.

Highly recommended as long as your guy is cool with it. And seriously, check out that blog for inspiration!

The whole him cumming with the cage on puts an interesting twist on things. As I whispered to him, does he need to come out any more? lol

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