Does your husband know you fantasise about the two of you sucking a dick? what turns you on about the fantasy? is there a teasing aspect to it?

Of course he does! It’s just a fantasy. I felt bad about stuff like that for a long time but finally, probably with Tumblr’s help actually, realised it didn’t mean we had to do things in real life. 

What really helped was us both treating it as a hot game. I’d lying there edging him, and we’d both have agreed to post five or so things to our secret blog that we’d like to hear a fantasy about, and then we’d both take turns telling each other them.

The stuff he comes up with when he’s right on the edge is often insanely hot, and he’s good at it any time. Lots of the long captions on the blog are inspired by them actually!

What greater possible intimacy could you have than sharing your deepest, hottest fantasies with each other, it’s just so great.

As for the teasing part, definitely. My ideas often circulate around the idea that he’d take me there for me to use the glory hole, but he’s locked up and gets so horny and frustrated I can see he’d do anything to get sucked. So i offer him a deal, if he’ll share the next one with me, i’ll unlock him. I find the idea of sharing so sexy. But of course the trick is, once he has, I find I love watching, much to my surprise. So then, ‘I didn’t say I’d do more than unlock you, baby. You want me to play with you, the next one through is all yours…’ And it ramps up from there 😛

Just a fantasy, won’t ever be anything but, and that’s what makes me feel free to have fun with it!

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