Currently not in any chastity device. Been researching. About ready to have the “the talk” with the wife. What is better easier for getting on off Plastic or metal? Is there a beginner? How do you determine size? Where can they be purchased? Thank you

Metal is easier to get on and off but that’s because the size is fixed, which is why you should start with the plastic  CB-6000 which has 25 different sizing combinations included (you’ll want things smaller as you get used to it too so really, start there. Also the plastic ones are less threatening to ‘the wife’ lol

The short or normal version depends how big you are – read our review on it

After that you can figure out how big you want the gap and ring and try some different metal designs, which are easier to put on, and most of all, keep clean.

As for where to buy your CB-6000 – Lovehoney, it’s a no brainer. They offer a year’s free returns so if you decide it’s not right for you, you just send it back or try something else.

I hope that helps! Good luck.

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