Coin Flip Log


Coin-flip rules are posted here.

07 March My horny loving husband came home from work excited to earn a coin flip, and his enthusiasm had me definitely in the mood to let him earn one. He wanted to waste no time coming in the door to get my pants off and “say hello” to me, but I wanted to properly dress him first, and by that I mean put him into chastity. He was very erect and excited, so patience and steady pressure was required, but I can always get the lock in place given time. This had him moaning with desire to get busy, so with his erection in its place, I let him eat me. I’m happy to have our routine back. i enjoy his kissing me between the thighs everyday he comes home. It was delicious, and I came, earning him a coin flip. I suggested we eat dinner first, and he kissed me in reply, so we did. Then I thought he should be good and edged before finding out if pussy was in the stars to today, so I unlocked him, and talked sweetly about how much I had missed his cock penetrating me, as I stroked him to edge after edge. I know he was dying to just flip the coin, but he also never asks of anything sexually related. His joy is in waiting for my whim and control. He just patiently enjoyed the edging, knowing carnal bliss may be tonight. The precum was flowing, and the time and arrived, so we flipped his coin. It was tails. I asked him if he was disappointed, and he looked me in the eye panting with unrequited desire for a moment, and then he went down on me again. Yes. Another coin toss. Tails.

Oh I didn’t mention they keep a log of the results.
So hot you guys!

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