Coin Flip Rules For My Husband for 2016.

Any time he makes me cum, he earns ONE coin flip.

Any tail means he gets denial, and his head-count is reset to zero.

If he manages to get three heads in a row without getting a tail, he earns a ruined orgasm, or he can pass on that and try again for four-in-a-row next time he makes me cum.

If he manages to get four heads in a row without getting a tail, he
earns a satisfying orgasm, or he can pass on that and try again for five-in-a-row next time he makes me cum.

If he manages to get five heads in a row without getting a tail, he
earns the rare and coveted orgasmic pussy sex, and his head-count is reset to zero.

I love this blog and I’ve seen their ‘coin flip’ rules before but now there’s an illustrated version!

The reason I’m particularly interested in this is because I’m naturally submissive, while I love denying hubby and I’m getting better at being mean etc which I know is hot, all the decision making is actually quite tiring and I get ‘domme fatigue’ after a while.

The coin tossing aspect changes that in a few interesting ways. Firstly it’s his job to initiate, as it’s based on ME getting orgasms. So he both needs to have made me cum but ALSO have got me in the mood where I want to.

Secondly the decision of whether to take the reward, or gamble it and go for a bigger one is HIS. I don’t have to stress about it. I just have to make the ruin/orgasm as enjoyable as possible when he does claim it.

Thirdly just because cumming in me is the big prize doesn’t mean I don’t have to have sex when I want, he just doesn’t get to cum. Nice and mess free. Yay! Plus honestly I’m kind of in love with the penis extender on him at the moment.

So I’ve chatted this through with him and we’ve amended the rules a bit and have been trying it with some success!

So, some different rules we are going to try. (This is to be used whenever I don’t fancy taking charge).

It’s only a one in 8 chance of getting three heads in a row, that’s pretty low. So here’s my list of rewards.

  • 1 head – nothing
  • 2 heads – ruined orgasm
  • 3 heads – hand job or milking or pegging to orgasm (my choice)
  • 4 heads – blowjob which I swallow
  • 5 heads – cum in my pussy or ass, his choice

So although this is easier the pegging twist on 3 heads means he’s less likely to cash it in early.

On top of the coin results I tend to give him one or two edging sessions each day. A quick rub if he’s taking it off to shower in the morning and if I’m in the mood, plenty in the evening.

If he comes without permission from just being edged, by me or him, it must be ruined, and his points are reset. He can save 1 point by eating his cum. If he has no points it’s a mandatory 3 day lock in. he can still earn coin tosses during the lock in.

If he fails to ruin an orgasm, either masturbating, when being edged, or just taking me because he’s so horny (which is so fucking hot) then it’s a week’s lock in, no release apart from for washing. (Honestly, the idea he’d just fuck my brains out knowing it’ll cost him a week locked up is so hot I kind of hope he does).

On our date night he can always fuck me but can only cum if he’s earned the points. Every orgasm he gives me on date night is a head, i.e. no coin tosses needed. So if he wants it, he can make me cum five times and earn a minimum of one guaranteed orgasm a week.

What about the caging… that’s one of the things we debated most. One of the decisions I struggle with most is should the cage go back on after we play or he is ruined or cums etc. The whole idea of this is to eliminate stress from decision making so we’ve made the rule, the cage goes back on unless he gets his 5 heads reward or it’s date night. As always, if there’s a reason for him not to wear it or he’s sore, then fine. But otherwise he’s caged unless I fancy otherwise.

ALL rules are subject to my decision. This gives me the scope to ‘be mean’ if I want to, similarly I can decide I just want a normal evening.

This is a bit different from time periods we’ve done before as he’ll be coming fairly regularly from it (in theory at least) so there’s no set time we’re going to try this for, but a two month trial sounds reasonable (he’s just discovering that as he reads this, lol). We can always stop if I think it’s not working 😛

What do you think? Like my ideas or the original better? Feedback and adapations always welcome!

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