Chastity for contraception

So, inspired by a friend, I came off the pill last month. After all, if hubby’s cock is locked up or denied, what’s the point of me putting all those hormones in my system. He was only cumming in there a couple of times a month, he can just use a condom, if I let him at all, I thought. 

And of course, there’s the fact we still fuck, quite a lot, but nowadays it’s with a big dildo on a strap on, or occasionally a penis extender. Risk of pregnancy – 0%

So I stopped taking the pill, but the real fun was, I didn’t tell hubby. I thought I’d keep it a surprise, only tell him when he was about to fuck me.

And that happened last night. We’ve been playing the penis pump challenge all week (so great, we’re doing it at the same time as the friend (Emma) I mentioned above is with her husband, and comparing results!) and last night’s ‘twist’ on the whole thing was if he made me cum before the 30 minutes suction was up, he got to do what he wanted with me.

He’s very good at oral, so he forced me to cum despite me trying hard not to. And his reward, well he’s got absolutely desperate to fuck my pussy. So then I told him, it went kind of like this:

‘Oh wait baby, you can’t…’

‘But you said I could do anything I want to you, I won’t cum’

‘It’s not that, you’re literally not allowed to put your cock in there now’

‘Is this some rule I didn’t know about you and Emma made up?’

‘No no, I’ve been keeping this as a surprise. I came off the pill, you can’t fuck me or I’ll get pregnant

“Seriously?! Wow, that’s frustrating, and so hot…’

‘I’ve been giving you clues on the blog’

‘I see that now

’’You’re not allowed to cum in your wife’s pussy any more, doctor’s orders’

‘This is ridiculously hot’

‘I just figured it was easier to keep your little cock caged, why bother taking the pill. This is real, you can’t fuck me bare like you used to. You can use the strap on as much as you want though, and the extender.’

‘I haven’t wanted to have sex with you this much since we got married’

‘And now you can’t’

He just moans and pushes against me.

‘Emma’s doing it too, she inspired me to do it. No more mess, no more hormones in me, you desperate for it, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before’

‘I can still fuck your ass’ he says with a grin.

‘Sure, you’re a good size for that, but baby…how much do I actually let you do it? Really? I like it like this.’ 

‘If I had a bigger cock, would you have done this?’


And at that point he just went back down on me!!!! Without another word. OMG, so great. My heart is racing just thinking about it.

And I kept on teasing him with things like:

‘Adonis (my name for our King Cock dildo) can fuck me whenever he wants of course, my pussy is for him now’

‘When I have my next check up I’m going to tell them why I don’t need contraception, is that okay baby?’

‘Your tongue is so much better than your cock anyway’

‘Now we’ve had babies there’s no good reason to let you cum in me again’

Afterwards he told me the whole thing was insanely hot. He actually checked to see if it was real, he thought I was just messing with him, and was so amazed when I confirmed it was. 

‘Keep surprising me like this, it’s amazing’ he said.

It’s kind of like all the excitement of when we were dating and not letting him have what he wants, only now I’m doing it totally deliberately and he knows what he’s missing! Who’d have thought these funny little cages would bring such new life to it all!

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