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I would like to know more about you guys. Are you a marrige how did you meet and how did you start to play with chastity? How long do you practise male chastity etc, more details ;d

she-caged-it: We have been together a long time….I seduced him whil he was still a young man. Im nine years his senior. We stumbled into chastity, I was at a sex toys party…you know the type drinks galore and lots of laughing and blushing. I saw a cb2000 and was blown away! To think I…



Masturbating is cheating. I am the only one who should give or deny you pleasure. And since you have no self control, I will lock you up to make this relationship work. Put on the belt and hand me the key right now!

This probably has quite a bit to due with our involvement in enforced chastity.

It might be a bit embarrassing, but I suppose you could say I have a small problem with masturbation. Maybe once a day, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day…

My wife knew what I was doing and was pretty understanding, even though I’d say she probably didn’t 100% approve. I think she felt that I was spending so much time and energy deriving my sexual pleasure from other sources, I was less inclined to be romantic and sexual with her.

I can tell you that the change, going from orgasming any time you want to seldomly, is quite a challenge…..but the fact that it’s impossible to even have an erection without her assistance can border on psychologically damaging 🙂

The caption? What I love is that the woman takes masturbating seriously and aims to “help” her husband. Very direct and authoritative….while loving at the same time. It’s an incredible turn on when a woman is so possessive and selfish when it comes to her man’s pleasure and orgasms, not to mention that along with all the frustration, one feels loved beyond belief.

Great caption and great commentary on it from another couple exploring chastity!