Well we started with a cb6k    and found he was to short so a cb6ks  was the job and after several weeks much chafing soreness on the scrotal sac we found a stainless steel ring in the sizes 40mm 45mm and 50 mm I ordered him the 45mm A ring and yes so good no more chafing  it is fitted every morning on him as soon as out of bed and I unlock him just before showering not yet had him sleep with it on . wearing good quality Panties that support him he does not know it is on  , yes a good plug be next with a strap belt to secure with a padlock that way both his play things stay shut down till I want 


Hi, Bernard…

I don’t understand, it feels like I’m coming into this conversation half way through? Did we talk before? It doesn’t ring any bells.

Was there, you know, a question in there somewhere?

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