Black Friday Flash Sale Items worth checking out – only till 6pm

Hey everyone,

I just noticed that the UK and US Lovehoney sites happen to have very handy items as their big discounts right now (so this will only be live till 6pm your time today.)

You can see them by clicking this link (it should take you to the right country, clever huh!) Lovehoney Black Friday Sale

For the US (Happy Thanksgiving by the way you guys) it’s a really nice looking strap-on harness and dildo that ticks all the boxes if you want it for chastity play.

It has two straps through the legs (not one like some which is no good over a cage) comes with three different O-rings to fit the dildo of your choice through – speaking of which as you’ve probably read we personally highly recommend adding in the King Cock dildo… just, yeah wow… But the one it comes with is perfect for starting with, and anal and umm… if you dare, pegging him… (seriously you should dare, it’s awesome).

That’s currently saving 35% on it BUT for US sales I just got a discount code through too, which should save you another 15% on your whole order if it’s more than $40 – go to this page and enter in the code 


UK offer

For UK and Europe buyers (yeah different offers from the US, quite annoying…) we have an under the bed restraint system as their major promotion (but again only till 6pm UK time).

Pretty cool for £15 though!

We’ve got our own discount code too (UK site only) which is 25% off if you spend £25, which is great!!! Again, go to the offer code page and then enter the code 25off25f

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