This is a perfect ruined orgasm. No spurts. No twitching. No motion at all. Just pouring out all that pent up pressure. Spilling over without a hint of orgasmic pleasure.

It keeps me “wanting” she says. “It’s good for you.” she tells me.

She’s proud she keeps me so grateful for her touch, always responsive, and squirmy in horny frustration. She gazes down at me with such pride. She glows.

And so I stay her “nice boy” and never move to take back control, or take my pleasure into my own hands. I am kept

Tips & tricks on how to achieve this please?

Patience. Slow hands. Don’t clench. Don’t force yourself to spill. Don’t twitch your cock. Slowly approach the climax. Tell her when you’re ready to cum. Stop beforehand. I don’t need to be stroked anymore. Just a few fingertips teasing my frenum – my magic spot – is enough.

Don’t focus on the orgasm. Cherish the edge and fear being let down from that high. Just let it happen. Actually, she doesn’t try to get me to spill. She just tries to keep me on the edge.

Relax. Avoid “expectations”. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, be happy with the attention.

You’ll know it’s “perfect” when you’re still rock hard after. You won’t have felt a tingle. Perhaps some relief from being poured out.

For me though, we’re so far down the rabbit hole that, I will sometimes get so emotionally and mentally wound up that I will expend my energy and get sleepy afterwards. It’s all the endorphins and a crash without a climax.

My wife tells me she doesn’t really want to make me spill. The edging is all the fun and none of the mess. Spilling is ok, but it’s not her goal.

And thus my body will sometimes just pour out. It’s good. It keeps me healthy. It’s not shameful. She smiles at how much I’ll generate for her. It’s something to be proud of.

But if you slip into an orgasm that’s fine. Just don’t focus on orgasms. Focus on the edge and let your body decide to well up and spill out what’s been generated from all the teasing.

I’ve ruined myself in my past. 2014 was the last time I was allowed it masturbate freely and play around, in prep and in the aftermath of getting my PA piercing for chastity.

I’ve accidentally poured out when changing cages or stretching my piercing with a insistently thick new jewelry or taper. But I don’t do that anymore.

All my pleasure is hers now and she enjoys just keeping me teased. Spills just happen.

Does this help?

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For the ask on forced orgasms, thanks to the ever-delightful and deliciously evil @coffeeorcusswords 😘


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