Will you be doing NOvember too?? It sounds super hot!

I kind of answered that earlier but yes, after hubby chose to cum on Monday the ‘price’ of that was he won’t be cumming again until Christmas Day.

The thrill of him having to decide that was so hot on Monday, just wow. I was going to say it was just for November but I figured up to Christmas made it much more exciting.

What’s more, to take the pressure off me a bit this month, we’re going to try something new, simply locking him up through the week with no uncaging for teasing, no releases, strictly no ruins. Just making me cum when I want, using the strap on on me if I fancy making love, and then at the weekends, the expectation is he’ll be allowed out, but I do reserve that right too! You’ve got to keep him on his toes, right?

Maybe if I feel I haven’t cum enough or been looked after enough I’ll keep him in it. If he accidentally ruins he absolutely won’t come out for two weeks!

So yes, definitely NOvember, and more!

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