What is your opinion on dualingus (two men licking your pussy :)) I am actually quite intrigued since I locked my husband’s dick, but not sure whether he will like it

We’re strictly monogamous so my opinion on it is that it’s a bad idea. That doesn’t mean, by the way, we don’t fantasise about it together, I often tease him with the idea of a friend joining me or a group of women, and the idea of a gloryhole with a big cock through it is super hot to think about. But it’s only ever fantasies so we’re getting turned on for each other.

I think getting anybody else involved in your sex life is always HUGELY risky, both from a trust and confusion perspective, as well as the physical aspect of STDs etc. The amazing thing about chastity though is it’s made me so much more confident in the fact his sexual desire and sometimes obsession is with me! It’s very liberating. 

I grew up thinking all porn was evil (and lots is awful, mostly because it’s boring or really misogynistic and not in the hot way) and saw it as a big threat, but that was mostly out of insecurity. 

With the newfound confidence all this tease and denial and chastity has brought me I actually love engaging with it with him. I can finally look at some beautiful pictures or a couple enjoying each other and delight in the effect on hubby (especially fun when he’s caged) and also appreciate it and get a bit turned on by it myself. I can’t understate what a radical transformation this is from just a few years ago.

So yes, my advice is, enjoy it as a fantasy, share it with your husband as a way of turning him on, but be very, very hesitant about doing anything about it in real life.

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