Well that does seem fair.

As far as fantasies go, this is actually kind of hot. I know we both get turned on by the fantasy of me at a gloryhole, anonymously discovering what a bigger cock looks, and feels like. 

But if hubby was there with me… would I want him just watching, straining in his cage? Maybe, that’s hot. 

But maybe if it’s even hotter if I beckoned him over like this. Convinced him to join me. Kissed him, then it, then him again.

Sucked on it slowly, watching him watch me, the pulled back and said, ‘Your turn…’

I wonder how good he’d be at it. After all he’s watched me do it all these years…

Maybe I’d encourage him…’If you can take it all in I’ll unlock your cock’

Reaching down, stroking him, sharing it with him, getting him closer as the inevitable draws near. Finally after all those years of it going in my mouth, he gets to find out how it feels.

I don’t let him cum though, not even as he discovers what it tastes like. Even as I keep him on edge and whisper, ‘Good boys swallow’.

No, I mustn’t let him cum, not yet. I’m having far too much fun, and another cock’s just popped through the wall…

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