We love your suggestion of having a shared secret blog, it’s been wonderful for us to both post things that turn us on and inspire us thank you fo rthat! Any other ideas like that?

Oh you’re welcome! That was hubby’s idea a long time ago now, but great thought on other things you can do. Here’s some ideas!

Have a theme day – if there’s something new you’re both into challenge each other to post hot pictures or captions – e.g. could be something like hot cages or pegging or ruined orgasms.

Post hot pictures or videos that the other person is into. For example is has been AMAZING for my self confidence to post pictures of women I think are really attractive that he will find hot. There’s just something about sending him pictures of other women that is incredibly liberating, weird I know. But it’s ESPECIALLY fun when he’s caged! Adding comments like ‘how hot is she!’, ‘God she has a great bum!’, ‘Those tits are to die for’ and his absolute favourite ‘I’d do her’ drive him totally crazy.

The reverse of the above is tell him to send me pictures that will turn me on. This isn’t usually hot guys as I just don’t get turned on by that (couples are what I love to see), but…as readers of this blog will know, I’ve got somewhat obsessed with big cocks…so I occasiionaly get hubby to send me pictures of them – it’s a big turn on for us both – mostly making him do it is the hot thing, and then going back over them together!

What hubby has is an extra private blog he posts things to ‘for later use’. What’s interesting about that is he posts things there he’s considering posting to our shared one, but decides better of it… which is perfect, exactly what he should be doing, figuring out which things will turn me on and what might turn me off. But… it makes for a very naughty tease occasionally, when I’ll have him tied up usually, and then grab his tablet and say ‘I wonder what you’ve been saving that you haven’t shown me’. Then I’ll go through them and tease him about them or make him tell me what he really thinks about some of them. It’s SUPER hot and a wonderful suprise!

Hope some of those help!

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