We am looking for a good quality metal cage with urethral attachment. We need a small size, my cb6000s fits pretty well, but could be just a little smaller. Do you have any recommendations?

We’ve not gone down the urethral insertion path yet. It’s one of those things I’m quite intrigued by but hubby shrinks at the mention of. Literally.

It did come up on the interrogation game the other night as one of the things that ‘scares him but turns him on’ though so… I’m thinking sometime soon I need to restrain him and get him really close and then just go for it…

My worry about extended use of them would be bladder infections and UTIs though, but as I say, we have no actual experience of them – any of our lovely readers offer some advice?

As for metal cages the one we recommend on our reviews page does come in an even smaller version oh and I just searched and there’s this similar one with a urethral tube:

http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/myfQzjMJA – got to wait for it to ship from China though.

Yikes…that’s not messing about is it… no escape from that!

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