She LOVED this technique and used it to devastating effect on the men. The men were helpless – restrained face down on that table with only their cock and balls hanging through. They could not hump. They could not buck. They could not do anything but clutch in desperation at the restraints and whimper, moan, BEG for mercy! She could keep this up for a very long time – far longer than any man could endure, and she LOVED watching as the disembodied cock and balls grew darker. The balls swelled and tightened. The cock hardened and the veins stood out more and more. STILL she kept up her endless pulling, milking, teasing, tormenting. hearing the moans, watching the throbbing, the dripping, the helpless, endless, NEED and KNOWING it was all in HER  control!!!

Nobody has ever teased me until I was bored, but I’d love if someone did and then kept going to see what was on the other side of that.

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