This is so true, I’ve never had so much oral sex until we started caging him up. At first felt guilty about it but he kept telling me that it was hot to be made to go down on me and just focus on my pleasure, not even knowing if he’ll get any. So I’ve taken him at his word and tell him I want him to lick me all the time now, it’s amazing!

He will tell you if he doesn’t want to, he’ll tell you if his tongue is tired, stop making excuses that don’t exist. He gets aroused by you being horny, wanting pleasure, and telling him you want it.

So try it, ‘I’m horny honey, come and lick me’ – he will love it!

And for some reason he tells me it’s really hot if I do something else sometimes, like read a book, or watch a movie (I already mentioned how me watching porn he can’t see while he does this drives him CRAZY! lol), so try those too!

Just be aware he’ll slowly be able to go longer and longer, if he’s new to it five or ten minutes is all he’ll be able to do before he needs to use fingers or a toy. Nowadays hubby goes down on me for half an hour or more and I cum a few times at least.

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