This is a position that I’ve come to love using to play with hubby sometimes. I like it for a few reasons. There’s something really different about playing with his cock when it’s pointing down like this. Your hands jiggle his balls with every stroke and if they are very full you can really appreciate that. 

Plus if you like butt plugs, and we do, you can occasionally reach around and play with it, half pulling it out maybe. Plus if you have a TV in the room it’s a fun way to have something playing and just kind of lean into him and watch it while absent mindedly milking him. If you’re in the mood for porn you can put it up there and it’s fun he can only hear it and not see it! lol

But it’s mostly how immobilised he is, he has to stay like that, hands and legs in place, with no restraints needed. And it’s like you’re milking him – so having a plate underneath like this is really hot and lets you say lots about him cleaning up the mess he’s going to make. Though of course, sometimes NOT letting him cum like this is even hotter as he really thought he would.

We’re not really into spanking as a couple but the ones she does here are very cute aren’t they!

Of course it’s a great way to ruin him too, just watching all the cum pour out, you can even hear it hit the plate, and his balls clenching as he ejaculates but you don’t stroke at all while he does and all that pleasure is wasted. Super hot!

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