The Toilet Roll Test

Want to know if he’s officially small?

Put a toilet roll tube over his cock. If you can slide it over he’s officially got a thin dicklet, if he doesn’t reach the end or isn’t longer than it, he’s officially got a short dicklet. If he doesn’t do either he’s officially got a little dicklet.

This is why you don’t cum when he fucks you. It’s not you, and I hope you haven’t been feeling guitly about it, it’s simply he’s not big enough to make you cum like that. It’s not his fault, it’s just how things are.

Any of these results means he needs to be caged, and you be properly satisfied with his mouth, hands and dildo (ideally on a strap on) instead.

Invest in a cage, penis extender and strap on to rectify this situation. And be sure to not let him cum much at all, all you need to explain is ‘You’re too small to be allowed to cum’ and you’ll see he understands. 

It’s just how things are.

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