The ruined orgasm challenge

So I saw this on and loved the idea but there were bits of it I didn’t like so I’ve changed some, hope you like my take on it. I’d keep him caged in between most of the tasks, just to add to the experience, but I guess that’s not necessary, just fun!

This is a challenge for couples, in which he accepts to have all his orgasms ruined until all “10 ruined challenges” are achieved. All the challenges must be completed before being allowed a real orgasm. The challenges can be done in the order of your choice but try to finish with the last one.

1 – Jerk off in front of her and let go of your cock as soon as you start cumming. You can cum on your own belly or on the floor…

2 – She must edge you with a blowjob. When you start to cum she will let your cock out of her mouth and just watch you squirt.

3 – You must fuck her and ruin your orgasm on her skin, and then lick it up

4 – You must be eating her out, in 69, or sideways 69 or her sitting on your face as she jerks you off, and she is to ruin you as she orgasms herself.

5 – You must have 3 ruined orgasms in one hour with her help. If you fail, the task won’t be completed…

6 – You will be edged five times during the day, starting in bed in the morning, and then only ruined last thing at night in the manner of her choosing.

7 – You must find a way to cum in her mouth with a ruined orgasm and then she will kiss you and you share the cum

8 – Have a ruined orgasm while fully clothed. She will “dry-hump” you over your clothes and stop all stimulation when you will start cumming…

9 – Have a ruined orgasm after being teased and denied for at least 2 hours. Try to shoot the cum into your mouth for fun…

10 – You will be tied while she will tease you. After ten edges she will make you cum and only stop rubbing as you ejaculate, but then immediately resume and use your cum as lube to keep masturbating you while you’re super sensitive. She must not stop unless you use a safeword. Have NO mercy! The objective is to make you orgasm again but she can stop after at least ten minutes of ‘torture’ if she doesn’t think you will. If this is the last one then the second orgasm can be a full one as your reward for finishing.

Thanks to “Teasingfun”

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