The Husband Upgrade


I’ve just written this story, well, I’m not sure what form of writing it is really, it’s a one-sided dialogue! It started as a proper dialogue but apparently I can’t write a male voice for shit, so I took that out and it leaves YOU to imagine what you’d say in response! Enjoy!

“So sweetheart, I know you’ve been waiting for your special present I promised for our anniversary. The box is heavy, isn’t it. Open it, I’m so excited!

“Yes, it’s a penis extension sleeve! I know, the seal’s broken on the box, there’s a story behind that, I’ll explain in a… no, I haven’t used it without you! You’re so paranoid! Now let me tie you up and we’ll get started!

"It’s not huge, darling. From what I read it’s really quite normal. And honestly compared to all those posts you show me on Tumblr, it’s small if anything. Just, not compared to, you, you know?


"No don’t get upset, it’s just a toy baby, I like your cock, I really do, but ever since you showed me those pictures I keep imagining what it would feel like to have something, bigger. I kind of wonder, you know, if… it might even make me cum?

"Yes honey, I know you make me cum, and I love that, but you don’t when we actually have sex, do you? You have to use your fingers, or our vibe or, well now more than ever, your tongue. But I keep wondering, maybe it’s not me… maybe I just need something bigger than your little cock.

"Sweetie, it’s just a toy! If you held it in your hand you’d be okay. But this one fits over your cock, it’s great. It leaves your hands free for other things. Or like now, you don’t even need them! 


"No, I don’t have to unlock you, look at this, see, it fits right over your caged cock, isn’t that amazing! God baby, look how big it is! It’s like it’s yours now! You always wanted to be this big didn’t you! How’s it feel to look down and see that beautiful big cock between your legs? Isn’t it the perfect gift, for us both!

"Is it weird… if I go down and suck on it honey, is that okay? Oh god darling, look, I have to stretch my mouth open to even ummmpfffhhh. Ugrghff mmmpffh ffo uud.

"Oh my god, did you see that? I just slid it down my throat! I think the problem before was yours didn’t really, get to my throat darling! As soon as I got it past the back of my mouth I almost didn’t need to gag at all! Wow, now I feel better about it! I love this thing! Umm, is it, okay if? Oh of course it is, I want it in me baby, okay? You just lie back and watch – hah, you can’t do much else right now can you darling!


"Oh fuck, it’s so big! Oh my god, can you see it stretching me! Oh that’s so intense. I, oh my god, this is AMAZING, and that’s just the tip! I, I… oh my God, it’s reached my g-spot, oh fuck I think, hold on. Oh shit I nearly came! I can’t believe it! Could you see how close that was, I’m shaking already! Ssshh, be quiet honey, I need to concentrate.

"Oh fuck oh fuuuuuck! I’ve never had anything this deep, it’s incredible. Is there more, can you see baby? Oh my god, I can feel it sliding past my cervix I think. You never even reached that. That’s.. kind of weird but oh, I think I like it and yes, I can feel it even deeper, oh my god it’s.. I can’t even describe it. Look how deep it is! Oh I have to fuck it now, help me baby, fuck me! Yes, oh my god, oh my GOD. Fuck me, harder, yes I feel, oh shit, it feels so good, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t…


"OH FUCK YES I’M CUMMING ON YOUR HUGE COCK BABY! Fuck me, fuck me, yes yes yes yeeeeees! I’m still cumming, I can’t hold it in, I’m, oh shit I’m going to pee I’m… oh my god I’m squirting! It feels so good, keep fucking me, don’t stop! Don’t ever stop!

"Oh baby that… that was the most incredible thing I’ve ever felt! It’s okay baby, I’m crying because I’m happy. I just never knew anything could feel that good. Mmmm thank you darling, just hold me, okay? I love you so much.

"Oh it feels so big in me, just.. oh yes, just move it like that again. Are you horny baby, is your dick all squashed up in the cage. Fuck me with it, yes oh my god, don’t stop, I’m going to cum again, oh yes, yes, YES!

"Holy shit darling, I just came twice, and you haven’t even touched my clit! Can you believe it? This is incredible. Can we just stay like this all night?’

"Umm, no I wasn’t going to unlock you, actually, I have a little confession. I’m afraid it’s a bit more complicated now. I told you there was a bit of a story didn’t I? I actually got it from Emma. No silly, she hadn’t used it! That would be disgusting. No she bought it for Alan but he was much too big to fit in it, so she was going to throw it out but I said it would fit you perfectly. Yes, I did say that! So she knows you’re not very big, it’s nothing to be ashamed about. All my friends know already, what do you think girls talk about when you’re not around?

"Anyway, when Emma gave me the penis extender, I was so delighted I asked if there was anything she wanted in return. She asked for your key! I know, I was surprised too! But really I think she was doing me a favour, I’d told her how hard I found it not to give in when you’re all desperate like this. Of course she knows about the cage, she’s my best friend! Now if you want to cum you’ll need to ask her for it in advance.

"Sorry baby, don’t be cross. I was a bit tipsy at the time. I probably shouldn’t have told her she should make you work hard for it should I? She thought that was very funny. What really shocked me was when I mentioned I’d want it back sometimes, and she told me I’d have to work for it too! Who would have thought tame little Emma could get so dominant!”

“Anyway, not to worry, now we have this new cock for you, there’s not really much reason to let you out any more!’

"I think I’m ready honey. Let’s do it again…” 

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It’s my first time writing anything like this so do let me know if you like it! I’m open to any feedback on how to improve it.
I’ve tried a few shorter captions recently on but this is the longest one so far (no pun intended!!!)
If you’re curious, yes we use one sometimes… it’s the Mega Mighty 3 Extra Inches Extender from Lovehoney (although we’ve never used it over a cage, we use our strap on for that) and it’s the first picture featured above.

I loved writing this and plan to do some more like it, scripts/stories where you fill in the blanks.

If you have any particular subjects you’d love covered let me know!

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