The hole in my penis



No. Not the urethra. We all have that. I’m talking about the other one. The one I wasn’t born with. The one I got poked into my nether bits four years ago. Yeah. That one.

There’s a reputation online that you’re not really serious about male chastity until you go ahead and get a piercing. Particularly a Prince Albert. For those of you that might not know what it is, it’s a piercing that goes through your urethra, around 3/8″ or so give or take and comes out the underside of your penis. It’s usually fitted with a bent barbell or in my vase, a captive bead. From a sexual standpoint, it goes through a sensitive nerve bundle in the underside of the male penis, with the bead rubbing the underside of the head during coitus, and also rubbing the inside of the lady bits. It truly makes for a heightened sexual experience for both partners. Mind blowingly heightened? I wouldn’t say that…but it probably made me a good 20% more sensitive and I’ll take that anyday.

Anyway…back to the chastity. You see now, a man doesn’t really have hips like a lady does. And he also tends to fluctuate weight a bit more in his waist, ass, and groin than is reasonably comfortable in a full steel belt. I’ve had a full belt before, years ago, and it didn’t really work out from both a comfort and hygiene standpoint. There’s a diatribe on Fetlife somewhere if you want to go digging for it. When I lost a mere 7 pounds and the belt became unwearable, I gave it up and began to explore tube options. Now this was around 15 years ago, back when the Millers were starting to run with their polycarbonate CB-xx line and the market just took off. There were tons of options, and I tried them all.

Now, these products were great in that they were affordable, concealable, easy to customize for size, and easier to clean and dry. But they lacked in the security department compared to a full belt. Frankly, they downright sucked. You see, if you can get your penis through the ring, then you can get it out of the ring, regardless as to whether or not the tube is locked on. Period. 

Yeah. I’m serious. The device might still be locked around your balls, but the penis can come in and out at will with a tiny bit of lube or shampoo in the shower. If you think otherwise then your fooling yourself…which is fine. This is a game. A sexual one. It doesn’t need to be all serious if you don’t want it to be…but security? No.

So a few years back, I got myself the Steelworxx that I wear and acquired the rubber loop fixing. It’s basically a stiff small rubber loop, like a washer inside a faucet, that tightens behind the head of the penis and holds it in place. Did it work? Not really. I’m a grower, not a shower, and just tight enough from me being able to slip it became a dangerous tourniquet when even slightly erect. So I went ahead and “did it”.

Yep. The piercing.

It wasn’t that bad! Really. Lemme explain.

First off, it’s a bit pricey, probably because not many people do it and supply and demand comes into play. I think it was $100 + a $20 tip I gave the girl plus a few more tips when I went back for different jewelry. Yes. A girl. A deliciously freaky tattooed and pierced one at that. And you can’t be hard when you get pierced so I had to think of things like grandma baking cookies and shit. Anyway…

…you sit down on a table, legs spread, pants down with your hands on your penis because your piercer needs your help a bit. She marked a few spots until I found a spot I liked. Then I held my urethra wide open with my fingers while she pushed the pin through. Some piercers use a urethral tube to help with the piercing, but I was getting pierced and stretched at once and that particular needle doesn’t play nice with the tube and tends to pinch the flesh on the inside of the urethra. I didn’t like the sound of that so I took her word for it. The needle itself pierces in two stages. It starts off really fine to create a tiny 16ga-ish hole then widens up to where we finished off at around 10ga. I didn’t want bigger than that…just enough to trap me in the cage. Frankly, even people that go big tend to size down for chastity because they want the extra wiggle room for comfort and hygiene.

Did it hurt? Not really. No different than a needle used to draw blood. The issues came after. First off, you bleed. A lot. There’s a lot of vasculature down there and the blood can be rather constant for a few days especially after you urinate or shower and wash the clot away. I usually kept my penis wrapped in a non-adherent bandage pad to absorb the blood and to keep it from sticking to the inside of my underwear. This went on for a week. That first week was a bit uncomfortable. The penis was tender and it hurt to touch it. I’d call it a sharp ache…turning into a dull ache for weeks 2-4. It was still barely tender for another four weeks which takes you up to the healing stage where you can actually use it. Yep. No better way to practice chastity than not playing with the penis for 2 months. Any earlier and you risk migrating a piercing through an open wound.

Cleanings took place twice daily with saline and soap. Jewelry was changed twice as they start you off with a large beaded ring to accommodate potential swelling and deter migration. I ended up with a threaded bead that just reaches over the head with 1/8″ or so to spare. The thread has a bit of blue locktite on it to keep it from loosening. I can get it off with a couple pairs of pliers.

After getting the piercing, I got the PA fixing attachment instead, along with a slightly larger ring. It’s more comfortable. easier to clean, and security isn’t so much an issue anymore since you’re locked in from the inside.

So $150 or so, 8 weeks, and you’re suddenly a chastity guru? Meh. Hardly. But you’re in a position where you can comfortably and securely appreciate the kink…nevermind the sex being better for both partners. So stop fooling around with all those gadgets and spikes and shit and just do it. You’ll be happy in teh long run. I promise.

Not to mention that PAs are hot!!

Curiouser and curiouser…

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