I would like to thank you for your blog! I had fantisied about chastity for years. Your blog helped me get the courage to try it! My wife and I absolutely love the chastity life style! I had looked at a lot of sites with chastiy ideas and they were all about the hardcore side of it. Actually that is what I thought I wanted! Turns out, it went completely opposite for me! My first session was an awakening as to how selfish I had been in my marraige! Once I realized that I was not going to orgasm, I slowed down and concentrated on my wifes needs. I found that for the first time I could read her body and movements and gage her excitement. I have never taken my wife to the point where she was arched on her toes and the top of her head, nothing else was touching the bed! I did this with just my tongue?! I found that I want to spend more intimate time with her… not just the wham bam thank you ma’am! Part of our agreement was house reponsibilities. I was really a lazy bastard. I had no idea how much she did for me and how little I did for her in the matters of laudry, cooking, cleaning. My wife has made that fun for me though! When I am in chastity I can only wear an apron and a collar around the house! I just can’t believe how much i just want to cuddle and touch her! I feel like I can tell her anything. Now our communication on every subject has gotten better and deeper! We have really become more intimate and adventuous! We have developed some chastiy games that incorparate fantisies that we have both had, but felt we could not share with each other.  

This has been a wonderful, kinky, mind bending, loving, insightful adventure. I wish I had done it sooner!

That’s amazing, thank you so much for giving such wonderful feedback. It really is incredibly how quickly we can harness what was maybe causing negative things in a relationship (your horniness and fantasies) and how it turns into a positive when you’re open and try it together.

As I often say, we just tried it for a bit of fun and still can’t believe what an amazing impact it’s had in so many new ways on our relationship and sex life!

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