Thank you for making my life better.

Hi. Just want to say that we love your blog and love to see two people like yourselves enjoying their lives and their lifestyle. Your blog has also opened my girlfriend’s eyes and encouraged her to try a few things she was a little reluctant to try.

I should explain that, like most men I think, I have an abundance of fantasies running rampant around my tiny brain. So many in fact that my girlfriend used to be turned off at just the mention of them. Also like most men, I used to masturbate to these fantasies while my girlfriend was out. Needless to say this lead to some heated words between us and very nearly broke up our relationship.

So what changed. Well chastity changed and you helped change it.

You see male chastity has always been a big fantasy for me, along with many others which I won’t go into here at this time. But my girlfriend thought the idea was just too perverted for words. She was always very vanilla sex for her was more functional than fun. Anyway she did enjoy me going down on her, or should I say, she eventually got to enjoy me going down on her once she lost her inhibitions about it.

Now I am a little submissive and the idea of being locked up and controlled by my girlfriend one of my main fantasies. She, not so much. However, after much talking, about three years worth of talking in fact, she finally agreed to read some of the blogs and look over some of the web sites and tumbler site. And no there was no nagging on my part. Lots of little hints yes, but no nagging. I wanted to serve her not drive her away.

She never said, not in so many words but, at first she was disgusted by the whole thing. But, and god bless her for sticking with it, she kept on reading and it was your site she read the most.

Now everyone is different and not everything on your site was to her taste. There are still a lot of things on your site that she finds a turn off. I know this from her cries of “Oh yuck” or “God that’s horrible”. But your writing about your own, and your other half’s, experience with male chastity interested her enough to agree to give it a try.

So after looking over various sites we bought a cheep steel chastity device for me to see how things would go. Honestly the first device was not great. It was not stainless steel and began to rust, which caused irritation of the old fella. However, my girlfriend did begin to warm to the idea of having me locked and under control. She also loved knowing that while she was out I was not going to be trawling the net and jerking off. Which was something I didn’t like. But then reality is harder to deal with than fantasy.

Since then our roles seem to be somewhat reversed. It is now my girlfriend that seems to spend lots of time on the computer, reading your blog and getting more, and much more devious ideas, while I spend an ever increasing time in chastity servicing her with my tongue. She has also discovered the joys of edging me and ruining my orgasms. Something she finds hugely entertaining, especially when she has me tied to the bed and a pair of her soiled panties in my mouth.

They do say we should be careful what we wish for as we might get it. Well I wished for it, I got it, and now I love it. Our life together has never been better and my sweet girlfriend is currently on her computer, most likely reading your site and looking for more devious ideas of things she might do to me. So thank you for that, I think.

All the best and keep up the good work. You have helped us more than you could ever know.


Dear D.R.,

Thank you so much, hearing all this means so much to me as it’s really why I started the blog in the first place. Well done you for handling it so patiently and being realistic about it, but most of all well done her!

It sounds like you’re on a wonderful journey and I’m so pleased I could play a little part in helping.

The plan with now having the domain is that I’ll set up something that’s really catered to women like her and not have so many of the things that made her cringe. In reality a lot of this blog, at least for the last year while we’ve been busy, is posting stuff I know would turn hubby on, so it’s not been very focused.

Even with the best of new kinky adventures, the experience will have peaks and troughs, and I think it’s really important to just be aware of that, and above all keep the intimacy going – date nights and weekends away together are so important for just giving you time to talk and remember why you’re exploring all this, to make the other one happy and keep things fresh and exciting.

I’ve got to the point where my friends are just sick of hearing how good things are with hubby and I. My one friend who knows about why hinted recently to them all she knew and when it became clear it was something sexual (she didn’t say any more) the rest of them stopped being interested, which is SO SAD! (Although one of them has approached me individually since to try and find out, which is fun. She is SUPER vanilla but even though I’ve told her it’s very kinky (her guess in response to that was blowjobs, I’m not even kidding!!!!) she’s still intrigued!).

Anyway, thank you, it’s so good to know it’s helping, and if your wife would like to email me for advice or just to chat (I don’t have chat turned on on Tumblr to avoid dick pics) then she can email me at any time (true for any other curious wives btw, always love to hear from you).


Jane xxx

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