Without question Maria was the most stunning, most gorgeous woman Todd had ever dated. Just sitting across from her at a restaurant, gazing at her, was enough to bring his cock to life and make it long for attention.

Now, after their third time going out finally he found himself alone with her in her apartment. The stunning brunette snuggled in to him on the sofa and within moments her soft moist lips were exploring his neck and ears so sensually he was rapidly being reduced to a wreck.

“Want more?,” she purred seductively in his ear. “Let me tie you up and I’ll show you something else my lips can do you.” Todd groaned at the mere thought, wasting no time agreeing to her terms.

Once restrained Todd quickly realized Maria was unlike any woman he’d ever been with before. Her fingertips were as soft as silk and had a way of tracing, swirling, teasing along his cock with a touch was as soft and delicate as fluttering feathers. Just their touch alone was enough to make him break out in a sweat, his cock stiffening to a throbbing fullness he could feel reverberating throughout his body.

But then, she began sensually brushing her soft, moist lips across it, teasing it, letting the warmth of her breath gently bathe it. Time after time he watched as her exquisite lips parted, nearly drawing him inside, only to turn aside just enough to deny him entry, instead simply brushing her soft lips across him.

Soon Todd found himself softly begging, pleading, desperate for Maria to pick up the pace, anything to give his cock the relief it so desperately needed. Still, she continued with her slow, maddening pace, her silky fingertips and moist lips making him feverish with need and pleasure, yet not providing enough to send him over the edge.

“Maria, my god…. p-please? I’m begging you….. I’m so desperate, please make me cum??”

Her fingertips continued their slow, feathery tracing as she looked up at him with her gorgeous, exotic eyes. Speaking softly and calmly, Maria purred, “Sweetie, if you’re too desperate I’ll untie you and let you go whenever you like. But, if you want any chance of cumming…. you’re going to have to stay right where you are and let me do as I please with you.”

“Oh… my…. god…,” Todd whispered softly beneath his breath.

With a slight smirk Maria added, “Mmm hmm…. it means I can go as slow as I want…. take as long as I want… and make you as desperate as I want….”

“Oh god….”

Laughing softly, Maria teased, “So then, would you rather I just go ahead and untie you so you can leave?… hmm?…. would that be better, sweetie?”

Todd’s eyes widened and he pleaded, “No!… no, no….. please no… I want to stay, I definitely want to stay….”

Chuckling wickedly she purred, “Whatever you like sweetie… it’s all up to you Todd.” And with that, the softness of her lips and warmth of her breath were again back on Todd’s aching cock, the sounds of his frustrated whimpers again filling the room.

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