“Feeling a little better now, honey?”, Annie asked her husband, her soft hand soothingly stroking along his back.

Though steadier than it had been moments ago, David’s breathing and voice were still nowhere near normal. “Yes…… I think so…,” he replied, his comment coming across as more as a question to himself than an answer to his wife’s.

Annie couldn’t help but smile, softly purring, “Sweetheart, I know you’re still aching. But, you know I’m not going to let that go away today, don’t you? You should just try to enjoy those moments…. like now… when it’s a little bit less for you.”

Her husband put up no resistance, nodding his agreement. In a voice that was soft, resigned of its fate, David added, “It’s just that….. oh god Annie, this is soo much more intense than anything we’ve done before.”

Again she smiled, her husband’s statement certainly very true. The night before Annie had teased him more mercilessly, more intensely than ever before. Five solid hours of keeping him rock hard, repeatedly bringing him to the edge and denying his relief, his cock and balls feeling impossibly swollen, full, heavy, aching as if they would simply burst if he wasn’t given release. Now, this morning it had been another three hours already.

“I know, honey,” she murmured. “But, we both agreed. We wanted to try this. And, we promised that no matter what we’d see it through for at least 48 hours, remember baby?” Though part of her felt sympathetic to her husband’s plight, another was simply dripping with arousal. Seeing her husband in this condition, knowing it was the power of her own female sensuality that had caused this was intoxicating to her.

His voice was now cracking as he replied, “Yes…. b-but…….,”

Annie interrupted before he could continue. “Shhhh, no buts darling…. no exceptions… we promised one another,” she reminded him.

She bit her lower lip gently when again he nodded. God, he was so deliciously compliant right now. So vulnerable. So totally and utterly dependent on her. “C’mon baby, let’s go back to bed,” she purred. “The more you think about it, the worse you’re going to make it for yourself. C’mon sweetie, come with me so I can play with you some more.”

Within moments Annie once again had her husband’s body spread out on the bed before her, her soft lips wasting no time bringing his aching cock back in to a full, swollen erection, his soft moans of need again serenading her.

As she gently teased and tantalized his cock, gently weighing his cum-heavy balls in her hand she was already starting to think about what would be happening when they hit the 48 hour mark the next day. She knew David anticipated his torment would be over and he would be granted his much needed relief.

Annie though had other plans. She’d already purchased a chastity device and had every intention of slipping it on him and letting his frustration and ache build for one more week. Of course she wouldn’t do it without his permission, but as she looked at the dazed, weak, nearly broken man spread out on her bed she was confident. Smiling to herself at the sound of his frustrated whimpers, Annie had no doubt that by the time they hit that point she would be able to persuade this man to do anything that she wanted. Absolutely anything.

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