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Hi Jane, both my newly caged man and I are big fans. I just wanted to ask if you had any tips about facesitting? Peace, Daisy

Hi Daisy! Well for us the main issue is me being confident up there. Unlike lots of the pictures on Tumblr I’m not a skinny 20 something any more. So the biggest tip was getting hubby blindfolded! It might seem a bit extreme but it completely negates any worries about it, and combined with a…


“What have you got to blush about!?”

Another blushing bride… At least loosely based on @straightmaleanalerotic‘s suggestion from ages and eons ago.

She had kept the wedding dress out of tradition, but never really had a good use for it, until they discovered there was a new virginity to take…


“Screaming? Nawwwww… we haven’t heard anything!”

“Must have been the wind, howling in the trees then, huh.”