She really did love this part of the day.

He would be coming home from work soon.

Dinner was cooking in the oven and would be ready just in time.

She wore her favorite outfit to tease him in, nothing more than an apron that only accented his favorite view.

She’d even sent him a preview earlier of what to look forward to.

She looked to anyone like the perfect little housewife.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. She heard the front door as she set dinner down at the table.

He entered, closing the door behind him, shutting them away from the world, making it just the two of them.

When he straightened from taking his shoes off she hugged him, delighting just a little in her heels making her taller than him barefoot.

His hands found her bare ass and began rubbing but she whispered in his ear, “Not yet. Eat, shower, and then… Dessert.” The smile on her face clear in her voice.

He let out a sigh, but obediently say at the table to eat. They discussed their days, joked a bit, talked about weekend plans…

But all the while, she was aware. Every time she turned, each time the apron revealed something, she saw his eyes and mind wander.

He was so tired, so easily distracted, it was hard not to laugh when he trailed off. She’d have you put him to bed early tonight. But that was alright…

After dinner she picked up the table and cleaned up, ushering him towards the bathroom.

“Leave the door open.”, she said, “I’ll join you in a moment.”

She did laugh, this time, seeing a noticeable spring enter his step as he headed for the shower. His blush was worth it.

Hearing the water running she discarded the apron, leaving it hanging in the kitchen, and followed him into the bathroom.

He was in the shower, back to her, lathering up. It was cute the way he pretended not to be excited, especially after he’d already given himself away.

Opening the sliding door she stepped in behind him and reached around quickly.

The gasp as she grabbed him by the cage was a delight. Twelve years and she could still surprise him. That was quite comforting to know.

The case was very full as well. He was straining against it. Lovely. How much more could he take though.

Pressing herself up against his back she considered finding out, but reminded herself it was a work night.

“Kneel.”, she said it softly, but there was no mistaking it as anything but a command.

As he knelt, she takes a seat in the shower behind him. Getting a lather of body soap she begins massaging his back and shoulders.

Always one of his more prominent features, she quite enjoyed washing his back, massaging the fatigue of the day away.

She could see his body relaxing, feel the knots giving way under the hot water and her hands. Good… Good… Now though, just another little reminder.

Sliding her left hand deftly over his shoulder, down his chest, then up again to encircle his throat. Not to choke, simply to hold, as her right hand just as deftly glides down his back, over his ass, to slide a finger into his hole.

It lasted only a few seconds, a few thrusts of the finger, a simple reminder. The shuddering gasps that came from his lips though, followed by just the slightest of moans, was music.

When she released him only a moment later his body sagged and she felt extremely satisfied.

She only needed to give him one thing more before putting him to bed for the night. Early, surely, but she knew he needed it.

Stepping from the shower she bid him to rinse off and see her in the bedroom before picking up a towel, drying, and exiting the room.

It was perhaps five minutes later when he stepped into the bedroom, clean smelling, body relaxed, still tired, clearly, but seemingly refreshed.

He wore nothing but the cage of course, because she had set nothing out for him. She however had slipped into some comfortable pajamas.

When he entered though, she looked up into his eyes and smiled as he glanced away, a slight blush evident.

Rolling onto her side, bringing her knees up, she pulled her pink cupcake pajama bottoms down to mid thigh, exposing her amazing ass and bare pussy to him.

“You may give me one orgasm.”, and with that she went back to the tumblr dash on her tablet she’d been looking at before.

This was his last treat, the last thing she needed to give him before he’d sleep peacefully. Satisfying her.

He crawled into bed, cage clearly at capacity and then some, and set to work with his tongue. Always the eager boy, their new roles had only made him better.

Within a few minutes she was enjoying the afterglow of a wonderful orgasm, and her boy was tucked in beside her, sleeping peacefully.

Hmm.. What to make for dinner tomorrow?

Wow, love this!

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