I’ve heard something a couple times now and thought I would address it. 

Chastity play doesn’t mean that a Dominant partner has to give up dick. 

I’m not even talking about adding toys, though that’s an option of course. 


What I’m talking about here though is the rights of the keyholder. 

If you’re holding the key, you don’t just decide when a cock is locked, 

you decide when you want the cage off, when, where, and why. 

If you just want him to walk around naked with a hardon, release him. 

If you want to tease him for an hour before locking him back up, do so. 

If you want to ride his cock until you cum, you can do so, then tell him to go shower off, shave, and lock it right back on himself and he’ll go crazy. 

The point I’m trying to make is, no keyholder should ever feel like they have to give something up in order to indulge their partners chastity fetish. 

You’re holding they keys, you make the rules. 

So why bother with chastity in the first place if it’s just going to come off during a scene? Why put it on at all. 

Well all know by now that chastity can be used for a lot of things. 







And ensuring that your pleasure always comes first. 


But these are just things that the device does in the moment. 

What’s interesting about chastity is what it can do the rest of the time. 

This is why it’s actually not a big deal to remove it during a scene, 

because it’s doing it’s work at all times outside a scene. 

It’s a constant reminder that there is a power exchange, 

a constant reminder that has the sub excited and ready, 

but at the same time unable to do anything about it without the key…

Imagine wanting to get off, but knowing you have to ask your partner?

Imagine letting your thoughts get away from you at work, 

only to have the cage remind you that it’s a bad idea.

Imagine, as a keyholder, knowing that the only time that toy is played with, 

is when, where, and how you wish it played with. 

It’s your toy now. 

Oh I love this, and hadn’t seen it before. Great advice, and of course the other option we have come to love is adding the strap on instead or as well as his cock, so now I have even MORE options to enjoy. Woohoo!

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