Spicing up your games

For a simple bit of fun, play board games with him, while he’s caged.
Scrabble’s a favourite (or Words with Friends on our phones) for us. He wins, he gets released for a nice long edge. If he loses, he stays locked up and spends the evening licking you to orgasm after orgasm.
We’ve even played it with others, only the two of us knowing the consequences of either of us beating the other one.

You can ramp it up to winning a ruin or even an orgasm if you want to raise the stakes.

You can throw in extra rules too, according to the game. So if his scrabble score exceeds a certain level he could get a ruin. Or if mine does I get fucked with the strap on.

Also for Scrabble specifically, if we can use a certain word on the board we get licked there later (our boards have lots of ‘ass’ on them lol)

I love to be denied too so often if he wins not only does he get edged, but I do too and aren’t allowed to cum – a nice incentive!

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